Websites for patent searches

1. Patent / application search in USPTO
2. Patent / application search – European patent office
3. Patent search in member state of Europe
4. Patent / application search in India
5. Search for PCT applications
6. Patent number search, Canada
7. Patent search, Australia
8. Patent search, Korea
9. Patent search, China
10. Hong Kong Patent search
11. Patent search in Japan
12. Patent search, New Zealand
13. Patent search South Africa
14. Singapore patent search
15. Malaysia patent search
16. Patent Search Brazil
17. Argentina patent search
18. Patent search Israel
19. Eurasian patent search (restricted field search) and patent gazettes
20. Patent and applications search Russia
21. Taiwan patent search
22. Philippines patent search

Status, Extensions, SPCs

23. Legal status codes country-wise
24. EP patent status, maintenance prosecution and SPC details
25. UK patent status
26. US patent status and prosecution
27. US maintenance fee
28. Indian patent / application status
29. French Patent status database
30. US patents extension / extended
31. Patent extension in UK
32. Patent extension in France
33. Patent and SPC search in Netherlands
34. Patent and patent extension Finland
35. Switzerland patent and SPCs
36. Sweden patent and SPC search
37. Norway Patent and SPC search
38. Austria Patent and SPC search
39. Ireland Patent and SPC search
40. Denmark Patent and SPC search
41. Spain Patent and SPC search
42. Italy Patent and SPC search
43. Germany Patent and SPC search
44. Belgium Patent and SPC search
45. Greece Patent and SPC search
46. Hungary Patent and SPC search
47. Poland Patent search
48. Portugal Patent and status search (includes SPC details)
49. Turkey Patent search
50. Patent and SPC search Czech Republic