why choose us

Ipram is all about what its’ name reflects, Integrity, Perseverance, Reaching out, Adding value and Mentoring. We are passionate about doing the best job we can for our clients by demonstrating the values close to our heart.

To us Integrity is transparency in work, both in practices and in culture. We believe in honest advice. Don’t get surprised if you come up with work and we simply tell you that there is no need to do this work or the work may not lead to any conclusion if you do it.

For us, Perseverance means just don’t give up. It’s our continuous endeavors to improve our systems, our resources and our working style. We believe in offering most innovative solutions and for that we don’t stop experimenting in just anything. Sometimes we fail but as it is rightly said “Good things fall apart so better things can fall together”.

Ipram caters to IP needs of everyone from a corporate to an individual. Ipram welcomes everyone and is willing to ponder upon every issue significant to you. Being available to discuss crucial aspects of client’s business is essential. We just don’t deliver project but ensure that client has understood what is being said in our reports even if takes several calls, meetings or discussions.

We believe that we can and we should add value to whatever we deliver. Our insights of your work is one of the best part of our services. Our untiring efforts help you crystallize your ideas and help you in achieving much greater clarity of both destination and the path to be followed.

Learning is a continuous process. We believe in sharing our learning. We make sure while working that our client has understood various complicated concepts of IP laws. We participate in various IP training programs conducted by various institutes and colleges to spread IP awareness.